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Since 1984 Inter-Systems has been processing VOLKERN in numerous applications and has been active on the Belgian as well on the foreign market. Our export partners have outlets in Western and Eastern Europe.

The specific characteristics of VOLKERN, also known as HPL (High Pressure Laminate) make the material very appropriate for applications in moist and public places. We are specialized in the construction of toilet and shower cubicles for office buildings, schools and sport accommodations, as well as in the production of changing cubicles and lockers for swimming pools, the pharmaceutical-, meat-, dairy- and other industries.

In close cooperation with our partners and clients we strive in each project for the best result through automated production methods, the development of intuitive modular systems, clear manuals and an experienced internal customer service.

Volkern is not only available for interior applications but also with an exterior quality. It has already been frequently processed in coverings for façades, cornices, dormers etc. Applications can be found in house-building for private individuals as well as in large industrial projects.

Since 2006 Inter-Systems has also been a qualified processing company of CORIAN. Our market mainly target kitchen and bathroom construction for private individuals.

Because of her hygienic and maintenance-friendly characteristics, VOLKERN is also very appropriate for private interior building. In 2007 Inter-Systems introduced next to her existing product spectrum, a contemporary kitchen and bathroom line, entitled ' VALDURA'. This line will only be manufactured out of Volkern and/orCORIAN.

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