Corian applications

CORIAN is a unique material.  It gives the creator full freedom to create the most inventive interior designs.  With CORIAN you can make jointless links between individual vanity top parts or between the vanity top and the washbasin. A kitchen vanity top of 6 mm made in one piece? A completely jointless shower cubicle with a tight design? A corner vanity top in L-shape consisting of 2 parts which are longer than 4 meter on both sides, both constituting a jointless whole?  CORIAN makes it all possible!


CORIAN is available in more than 100 inspiring colours. The worksheets can be combined with a large number of integral washbasins also in CORIAN. They are very user friendly, easy to clean, durable and stain-proof. An additional advantage is that with possible accidental damage, reparations can be made at the spot.


Also cupboard doors and drawer fronts (see our kitchen and bathroom LINK), or even a complete piece of furniture in CORIAN are possible . Due to CORIAN you can let your imagination go and give your house just that little extra.


CORIAN GARDEN is a design project, made for the Milano Design Week 2006. In this project the new colours for 2006 were introduced.  Design by Michael Young and Katrin Petursdottir Young.  Inter-Systems contributed to the realisation of this project.

Corian applications for hospitals

Corian tablets