Sanitary cubicles

... durable ... functional ... economical ... tight ... compact ...

Sani-Cab® : sanitary walls assembled with Volkern panels (Polyrey or Trespa) 13 mm with fittings in high-grade nylon and profiles in extruded aluminium. Also variants in stainless steel are available. Our product range includes 4 types, with a specific top profile and look.

Our standard types, Alfa and Omega are equiped with a top (stabilisation) profile in extruded aluminium, rectangular or oval. Fixation to the constructional walls is done with aluminium profiles.

Type Delta and Delta a are reinforced at the top by a round stabilisation profile in nylon with a steel core. This one is connected with the panels by means of nylon tube grips. Fixation to the constructional walls is done by means of nylon U- or L-pieces (delta) or aluminium profiles (delta a).

The types mentioned above all have nylon supports. This in contrary to our suspending system: Type Master-Line has no supports. In this case a heavier stabilisation profile is used.

Following particular applications are possible:


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