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The basic material of the panels used for all of our made-to-size furniture of the VAL DURA line is only composed out of Volkern (Resopal Massiv 13 mm), this concerns the door fronts and drawers as well as the interior of the cupboards.

Compared to other panel materials which are frequently used in interior construction, Volkern offers quite some advantages. The panels are 100 % waterproof and as such they will never swell nor develop moulds when entering in contact with water, even not when being totally emerged. Moreover, the specific gravity of the Volkern panels is twice as heavy as the one of chipboard which make the panels more stable and shock-resistant. This also allows to use a thinner panel which results in a slim and contemporary design.


The doors, drawer fronts and other visible cupboard parts are all available in a varied colour range: going from classic solid colours, natural wooden designs to playful and bright colours. Cupboard corpuses are available in black and white. Whether one chooses a loft or a farm house, our kitchen (or bathroom) design VAL DURAworks in every project !


The worksheet can also be made of Resopal Massiv 13 mm. This is possible with a panel thickness of 13 mm or with a downward front edge of 50 mm. An interesting alternative are worksheets made in CORIAN. The major advantage is that one can make a jointless whole no matter what division or dimension. Moreover, also the wash bowls can be built in jointless and drainage grooves can be milled into the sheet. Also the door fronts of the cupboards can be made in Corian. The possibilities with Corian are almost endless. We refer to the different divisions in our show room.


VAL DURA gives preference to built-in appliances of the ATAG brand. For over 50 years now, ATAG has been offering high-quality products which are easy to use. In this respect, we at Inter-Systems share the same point of view with VAL DURA.

For more info with respect to our kitchens and bathrooms, please be welcome at our show room, each working day between 7.30 - 12.00 AM and 13.00 - 16.30 PM.

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